Recycling is the vision, not garbage incineration

VIFF and ZWBC present "Trashed" April 22nd

Winner: Toyota Earth Grand Prix Special Jury prize TRASHED April 22   Directed by: Candida Brady Cast: Jeremy Irons (GB, 2012, 97 min.)   Classification: G

Crucial viewing for realists and alarmists both " — 5 stars! Joe Neumeier, NY Daily News

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"The world is in a heap of trouble — make that heaps: giant, toxic mountains of garbage that endanger our oceans, marine life, the atmosphere and humanity in general — without an end in sight.
That is, unless citizens, industry and governments get deadly serious about such solutions as mass recycling, composting, plastics reduction and more.Such is the global crisis that’s vividly, relentlessly detailed in the vital documentary "Trashed," starring dulcet-voiced zero waste advocate, actor Jeremy Irons.
Guided by writer-director Candida Brady, Irons travels the globe visiting some of the most egregious, noxious examples of trash disposal and waste mismanagement; vast, open-air garbage dumps in Lebanon and Indonesia that infect its waterways and coastlines are particularly horrendous.It’s not a pretty picture, to say the least, with a stop in Vietnam to examine birth defects linked to wartime Agent Orange spraying proving a deeply grim offshoot of the film’s central thrust. Then there’s the garbage calamity’s most insidious culprit: non-recycled, non-biodegradable plastic." — Gary Goldstein, LA Times

"Trashed" is a timely warning about the issue of waste, as Metro Vancouver is planning to build a new waste incinerator in BC.  What are local solutions to the global problem of waste?

Come early to this special screening of the film with special guests, Zero Waste BC.

Have your questions answered by citizen zero waste advocates and learn what you can do to solve Vancouver's waste problems. Zero Waste BC is a network of groups and individuals working to share information and coordinate action to promote better waste solutions. Their mission is to support a moratorium on new waste incineration facilities in the province of British Columbia and to call for an environmentally responsible Zero Waste strategy for all BC communities.

They support improved composting, recycling and waste reduction policies and practices.

Zero Waste information table and question period begins at 6, film begins at 6.30.
Is the success of a green film determined by whether it entertains, informs or inspires you to change your ways?
By showing us individuals around the globe already changing their lifestyles to make a difference, Trashed does all three. " —
A truly effective and eye-opening documentary, Trashed is a must-watch documentary that will force you to examine the everyday choices you make without a second thought. Highly recommended. " —
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