Recycling is the vision, not garbage incineration


Video: San Francisco is What Zero Waste Can Look Like

Energy-From-Waste: Selling Pollution

Thanks to all of you who attended the rally. Those who could not may wish to write letters to their local papers.

Join Zero Waste BC at a rally against the the Canadian Energy-From-Waste Coalition (CEFWC) on Wednesday April 10th at 12:30pm. These incinerator salesmen will be in town to sell their pollution to the region.

Currently Metro Vancouver is considering a plan which would lead to over half a million tonnes of garbage being incinerated every year. This would be a major step backwards for efforts to achieve Zero Waste.
Date: Wednesday April 10
Location: Sheraton Vancouver Airport 7550 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC Meeting time: 12:30 pm.
For more information see the Facebook event page. Selling pollution: it’s not a solution.

Canadian Energy-from-Waste Coalition is Marketing Pollution

Zero waste professionals, recycling practitioners, civic leaders and citizen activists rallied for a peaceful protest outside the Canadian Energy from Waste Coalition conference at the Airport Sheraton Hotel in Richmond today – to challenge their spurious claims about “Energy from Waste” incineration.

“These incinerator companies are selling our elected officials pollution, claiming they have new and improved burn technologies that are both safe, and compatible with recycling,” said Helen Spiegelman of Zero Waste Vancouver, “and we are not buying it!”

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